How to arrive

Puerto López is on the Pacific coast, along the Sun Route, a tourist road which goes from Guayaquil-Salinas to Manta-Bahía de Caraquez.

There are domestic flights between Quito and Manta several times a day on the two national airlines (Avianca, Tame).

From Manta you can take a bus to Puerto López or a taxi directly to Mandála (1 ½ - 2 hours). We can arrange taxi pick-up for you.
There are direct buses from Guayaquil, Portoviejo, Manta and Jipijapa. There are two direct buses from Quito, leaving in the morning and at night. The bus ride takes about 8-12 hours.
By car it takes about 8 – 9 hours from Quito or 3 – 4 hours from Guayaquil, depending on the road conditions.

Map of Puerto López

Bus schedule (approx.)